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Welcome to MSIpediA,
Maryland Shall Issue®, Inc.'s Second Amendment Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
We are currently offering 27 articles.

Where To Get Started

Take a look at one of our subject matter portals and edit an existing article, or start a new article. As long as the topic is relevant to Maryland firearm owners. Any entry or edits you make should be as accurate, unbiased and written from a neutral point of view. Also, please remember to attribute (footnote) as many statements as possible.

How You Can Help

Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide or watch this short video for information on using the wiki software. If you are not already logged in, click Login, in the upper right corner. Use your MSI Website credentials, then come back to

When contributing, please keep in mind our core content policies:

  • All articles must be relevant and strive for verifiable accuracy.
  • Citing reliable, authoritative sources, especially when the topic is controversial - so that anyone reading an article can find and verify information provided.
  • A neutral point of view - we characterize information and issues, rather than debate them

Other areas of MSIpediA

Work In Progress