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  • Allows purchase more often than every 30 days. See below.
  • Expands permitted transport under MD Code, Criminal Law, § 4-203(b)(5), which allows:

"(5) the moving by a bona fide gun collector of part or all of the collector's gun collection from place to place for public or private exhibition if each handgun is unloaded and carried in an enclosed case or an enclosed holster"



MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-128 provides that "b) A person may not purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period."
MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-129 then creates an exception to 5-128 for "designated collectors," providing:

(a) Notwithstanding § 5-128(b) of this subtitle, a person may purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period if: (1) the person applies for and the Secretary approves a multiple purchase; and (2)(i) the purchase of the regulated firearms is for a private collection or a collector series;' (ii) the purchase of the regulated firearms is a bulk purchase from an estate sale; (iii)1. the purchase of not more than two regulated firearms is a multiple purchase to take advantage of a licensee's discounted price available only for a multiple purchase; and 2. the purchaser is prohibited from purchasing a regulated firearm during the following 30-day period unless approved under item (i) or (ii) of this item; or (iv) the purchase is for other purposes similar to items (i) through (iii) of this item.

An application for a designated collector status can be obtained at the web link below.

Web Link


There is no cost associated with becoming a Designated Collector


There is no term limit, it's good for life, unless revoked.