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I created the initial content for MD Gun Stores. Not sure what fields to include in here other than Name, Location, and are they a MDShooters Industrial Partner. I thought that the MDS IP link was an important one to include since we should give take the opportunity to make visible their contributions to the MD 2A community. The first Name field will link to their web site and the MDS IP field will link to their MDShooters IP forum if Yes.

OK ... so as it turns out Big Dog Outfitters is not located in MD but in VA. HOWEVER they are a MDS IP. Strictly speaking then they should not be listed as a MD Gun Store. However they do sell to MD residents through MD FFLs, and my thinking is that anyone who pays the money to support as an IP in our state deserves to be on this list. So I'm putting them on there, and any others that may come up like that as I sweep through the MDS IP Forum. Others may disagree and if so they can be rolled back out, but for now I'm putting them in and anyone like them. Furthermore in the Location field I clearly indicate that they're not in MD so I am being accurate from that perspective.