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Page Layout

<Aray's Signature here> Has anyone thought about how this page should be organized? I'm thinking a table of ranges with attributes, but which ones? Things that come to mind are: name, indoor/outdoor, types of ranges (rifle/pistol, length, archery), membership or not, location, web site (in the reference link), etc. My problem is I'm reluctant to start filling this out because I'll no doubt overlook some attribute that something thinks imporant, or that most folks might disagree with the organization.

That aside, I'm thinking as part of the wiki crowdsourcing we can utilize those folks who have "adopted" a range, or those who just frequent their local ranges and are most familiar with them.

I'm willing to start for the ranges I go to (or a member of) but as stated before I begin I wanted to hear from others re: how this page should be organized.

--Cypherpunk (talk) 14:00, 21 September 2015 (EDT) What about a sorted table?

<Aray's Signature here> Thanks, the link to the table saves me the trouble of looking it up. But in addition to format my question was also on content: what fields do people want to see? I'm in the mood to do something later tonight so I might toss something out there just to see how folks like it.

--Cypherpunk (talk) 23:07, 21 September 2015 (EDT)Please get the ball rolling. If someone comes along behind us and makes it better, great. If they make it worse, we can just click the revert button. Thanks for taking the time to help.

<Aray's Signature here> For better or worse I got the ball rolling. I didn't want to put too much time into it just yet in case no one likes the format. Indeed even with the small amount I did as an exemplar I was pondering if this is the right approach. The lanes, for example, don't always line up cleanly either within or between different ranges. Case in point: I wanted to give a sense of what sorts of firearms you can bring to any particular range hence the column format as it currently exists. Yet at Berwyn the 50 yard range can be used for pistols or shotguns, and the 100 yard range for rifles or shotguns, etc. There is no clean division.

<Aray's Signature here> I'm thinking rather than deal with all that mess directly in the table, it's probably better to simply say Yes or No for each of the weapons categories: Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Archery. Then the subtle nuances and differences can be dealt with on a page devoted to each of the Ranges in turn. The only exception might be for Shotgun since some places allow for slugs only (e.g. Berwyn) others for slugs or birdshot (e.g. MSAR), and others have full-up Trap (e.g. AGC) and so a simple Yes or No probably won't suffice. It's late so I'll just pose that for consideration for now and come back another day to make that change unless someone objects.

<Aray's Signature here> I'm about 2/3 of the way through entering the firearms ranges, then I'll go back and add in exclusively archery ranges. I only have one of those in so far. Tied up tomorrow so expect completion towards the end of the week.

<Aray's Signature here> I took the info about Guests off the Access column. Pretty much every Membership range allows guests. Plus the details (fees, etc.) are more appropriate in the specific range page associated with each location, not in the summary page up top.

<Aray's Signature here> Note to everyone else: We're having problems with creating a Template:Range entry. When using that template, a change on the content of a wiki page that invokes the template changes the template itself, and hence all other pages that use the same template. Cyberpunk is coming to the rescue to help me figure this out but until then please avoid creating any new range-specific pages.

<Aray's Signature here> I'm done entering in all of the ranges I know about into this matrix. Once the Template:Range problem is resolved we can start working on the individual range wiki pages